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24 Jun 2016
Finding dory
In the movie Finding Nemo, there are 2 loving clown fish named Marlin and Coral. They search forward to having a family together since they gaze down as well as some hundred clown fish eggs.

kids animation
Soon a baracuda can be seen and ends the imagine a cheerful family. Only Marlin and another egg remain. A little while later it's high time for Nemo to attend school. His father just isn't as ready as they can be as many parents aren't. Marlin even insists on holding Nemo's fin while they cross an active area. Soon Nemo is at school where he and many classmates soon stray with the other class. They go to a boat and dare each other to the touch it. Nemo's dad, Marlin catches him accomplishing this and gets on to him about not...